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Welding Wire Quality Detector

Brief Introduction
Welding wire quality detector is integrated with the detection of wire-feeding resistance , the welding current and voltage , the wire diameter and position deviation , and the smoke. And meanwhile, it can effectively display the detection results intuitively through the waveform.

Welding wire quality detector is an equipment which can display wire quality and welding process quality intuitively through various waveforms. The wire-feeding system adopts the servo motor drive , which is featured with stable performance and precise speed adjustment to control the wire-feeding speed accurately. The wire detection system can monitor the dynamic wire welding process accurately , the changes in the wire welding current and welding voltage generated in the welding wire process due to the welding quality problems, and the wire deformation generated inside the catheter. And meanwhile, the wire detection system continuously collect information to output and reserve in the waveform, and then print and output the waveform through the printer to provide objective data base for welding wire quality issues analysis and quality assessment.

Technical Parameter
The device is suitable for gas shielded welding wire, stainless steel wire, flux-cored wire, and aluminum wire with welding specifications at Φ0.8mm-Φ1.6mm and so on. The power of welding machine can be customized according to customers' requirements.