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Stainless Steel Scraping Production line

Brief Introduction
The stainless steel scraping production line consist of scraping machine, pay-off stand, vertical drawing machine, rotary scrubbing, electrolytic cleaning tank, drying machine, and take-up machine.The scraping machine is equipped with mould circulating water cooling device, chip breaker device and chip removal device, which can effectively extend the die life and improve the quality of stripping. The production line can be used to remove both the stainless steel wire rod rolling defects such as skin scales, fins, oval, etc. and the residual defects and the impurities on the surface of the wire. Finally, the high quality wire rod is obtained. 

Technical Parameter
Roll Diameter
Diameter of Inlet Wire
Strength of Inlet Wire
Highest Outlet Speed
Cooling Method
Circulating water cooling
Motor Power
Driving Mode
Gearbox and V-belt drive
Paying-off Manner
Vertical damping paying-off
Wire Taking-up Mode
Inverted downline, Φ800 spool take-up
Electrolysis Power Supply
Braking Mode
Pneumatic£¨hydraulic braking
Suitable Material
Stainless steel wire, high/medium/low carbon steel wire