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Automatic Wire Respooling Machine

Brief Introduction
This wire respooling machine is mainly applied to the respooling packing of gas shielded and submerged arc welding wire, aluminum, copper and stainless welding wire and other metal wire products. The main respooling roll adopts servo ball screw ribbon cable, which has high accuracy. In the rolling process, the wire rods won’t become bending deformation and will be no lag angle. The main spool uses servo motor to transmit, which can quickly speed up and pinpoint. Pay-off machine applies variable frequency motor with super power to active alignment. The function of automatic wire-cutting and discharging of the host machine can reduce the auxiliary time and improve the productivity.

Technical Parameters 
Equipment composition
Pay-off machine, mid-machine, host machine
System control mode
PLC program control
Host machine
Driving by servo motor of the main spool, automatic wire-cutting, automatic wire-discharging
Pay-off machine
Active alignment of variable frequency motor, can match Φ630 or Φ800 bobbin
Traversing type
Traversing through the servo motor movement of the main spool
Additional functions
Pneumatic wire-cutting, discharged by pneumatic motor
Max spooling linear speed
Wire specification
Wire reel type
Plastic reel, steel basketry reel, hollow roll etc.(Arbitrary inner width)
Wire weight specification
Unit power