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Wire Rod Pre-processing Product Line

Brief Introduction
The preparation lines of solid welding wire mainly consists of up-raising pay-off rack, mechanical descaling machine, high-pressure water rinsing tank, electrolysis pickling tank, boronation tank, and drying box. The purpose of preparation is to remove the oxide coating on the surface and coat the surface with borax to lower the possibility of producing broken filament and wire fracture. This will also extend the life of the drawing die.

Technical Parameters 
Paying Off Manner
Traversing&elevating mechanism of pay-off
Wire Diameter
The electro hydraulic
Electric heating power 24kw, electrolytic power 18kw, motor power 6kw
Equipment composition
Pay-off stand, mechanical sheller, high-pressure water rinsing tank, electrolytic pickling tank, boronation tank, drying oven, (wire drawing crew)