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Horizontal Straight-line Fine Drawing Machines

Brief Introduction
This equipment which is similar to the rough drawing machine in its capstan structure is used for the post drawing process of the steel wire. The cooling manner is axes circulating water cooling. There are wire-stabilized devices at both the wire inlet and outlet which can ensure the stability of high speed drawing, thus efficiently avoiding the metameric segmentations caused by overhigh speed and the wobble of the steel wire. The whole unit apply touch screen as the operating panel of drawing parameters input and operation data display to monitor the drawing and operation data of the equipment insistently. Besides, the cascaded design of the velocity matching ensure the stability and reliability of operation and has such functions as automatic calculation of compressibility, automatic outage by weight, protection of wire breakage, protection of safety and operation and maintenance support. The wire jumping of any capstan can be realized and it is convenient and reliable to operate.

Technical Parameters
Diameter of Capstan
Central Height of Inlet Wire
Max.Strength of the Inlet Wire
Max.Diameter of Inlet Wire
Min.Diameter of Finished Product
Highest Offracking Speed
Cooling Method
Circulating water axis cooling
Driving Mode
V belt
Motor Power
Paying-off Manner
800 pay-off damping machine
Air Pressure
Suitable Drawing Materials
Various metal wire,such as electrode,welding wire£¨gas shield welding wire,submerged arc wire,flux-cored wire etc);steel wire£¨high,medium,low carbon steel wire,stainless steel wire etc£©£»electric wires£¨copper wire, aluminum wire etc£©£»alloy etc.