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Automatic Straight Wire Production Line

Brief Introduction
The equipment is a new type automatic straight wire production line which is integrated with scraping, straightening, cutting and marking of automatic aluminum welding wire straight-cutting. It can achieve the continuous shearing of aluminum and copper wire with high cutting efficiency. In place of the traditional chemical pickling techniques, the scraping technique reduces the environment pollution. Meanwhile, this product line can not only avoid the damage on the rods surface by use of the Caterpillar wire transmission system and wheel straightening machine, but also remove the traditional cleaning and polishing procedure. The synchronization of cutting and marking makes the operation easy and convenient.

Technical Parameters
 System control mode
 PLC Program Control
 Driving mode of take-up machine
 Driving by variable frequency motor
 Driving mode of pay-off machine
 Active alignment of variable frequency motor
 Driving mode of scraping machine
 Driving by variable frequency motor
 Drum specification
 Highest respooling linear speed
 Wire-traversing mode
 Caterpillar wire transmission
 Cutting method
 Cutting via the rotation of servo motor
 Wire specification
 Cutting specification
 Unit power