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Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire Scraping and Cleaning Line

Brief Introduction
This equipment is used to scrape, clean and dry the drawn rods of pure aluminum, aluminum-silica and aluminum-magnesium so as to get rods with smooth and bright surface and symmetrical diameter. The product line can effectively remove the oxide coating and impurities on the surface of the welding wire to get the base metal. After sizing and polishing, the wire transmission performance can be improved. Besides, the air holes caused in the welding process can be reduced through the further cleaning of ultrasonic and hot water for the welding wires.

Technical parameters
Equipment composition
Pay-off machine, dancer, scraping machine, ultrasonic cleaning box, hot water cleaning die, drier, dancer, take-up machine
Suitable materials
Pure aluminum, silicon-aluminum, magnesium-aluminum
Active wire paying-off controlled by inverter, control with constant tension, servo row line, pneumatic jacking, can be controlled with Φ800 or Φ630 bobbin wheel
Diameter of capstan
Wire diameter
Maximum speed of wire transmission
Land occupancy area
Length*width 18m*2m