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Special Take-up Machine

Brief Introduction 
This kind of special take-up machine is mainly made up of driving system, pay-off system, wire-leading system and power control system. The driving system adopts variable frequency drive and synchronous belt drive and applies PID analog to control wire take-up. Between the pay-off system and the drive system, there are straight-line guideways for direction. And the servo drive and ball screw transmission make it possible to reciprocate left and right which is precise and reliable. The wire-leading system can be augmented and up-raised automatically according to the roll diameter, which can control the location of the steel belt effectively and guarantee the gap between each two belts. This kind of machine is mainly used for the precise winding of such abnormal belts as flat belt.

Technical parameters
Power Supplier
3~380V, 50Hz
Means of System Control
Controlled by PLC Program
Driving Mode of the Host Machine
Drived by the Variable Frequency Motor
Driving Mode of the Pay-off Machine
Actively Paying-off by the Variable Frequency Motor
Control Mode of Flat Cable
Cable by Arraying Servo Motor
The Highest Winding Speed
About 6m/s
Belt Specification
Specification of the Bobbin Strander