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Hauling, Tension and Polishing All-in-one Machine

Brief Introduction
This equipment whose layout is compact and reasonable combines the haul-off roll and the tightening pulley into a single unit. The haul-off roll is coated with tungsten carbide and mirror polished, sleek and wearable. The testing cam installed on the swinging arm of the tightening pulley can match the speed of the host haul-off roll with that of the wire take-up machine to achieve constant tension control, thus reducing the possibility of the secondary deformation caused by the excessive winding power. The equipment is mainly used for the final sizing and polishing of the finished wire rods. 

Technical parameters
Diameter of the hauling roll
Φ350, Φ500
Central height of the inlet wire
Wire diameter range
Offracking speed
Lubricating means of the boot
Circulation oil overflow
Transmission mode
Gear drive or V belt drive
Drive mode
Frequency control
Wire take-up mode
Constant tension wire taking-up
Air pressure
Sphere of application
Welding wire (submerged arc wire, shielding welding wire); wrought stainless steel wire and all kinds of metallic materials such as aluminum-copper alloy wire.