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Electro-galvanized Steel Wire Production Line

Brief Introduction
This equipment is suitable for the continuous electroplating of wire rods and strip stock. It can be designed into various kinds of types of electro-galvanized production lines according to customer requirements. Decades of strings of wire rods can be electroplated at the same time on the plane surface of the electroplating bath, realizing wire exchange without stopping which makes it high efficient and can be applied to mass production. Inside the electro-plating bath, zinc is gradually galvanized on the surface of the metal, with uniform cladding and polished surface. This equipment is widely used for the rust prevention and beautification of wire rods.

Technical parameters
1. The design conditions
Product Category
Low, medium, high carbon steel wire
Diameter Range of the Steel Wire
Fine steel wire 0.7-2.0, common steel wire 2.0-5.0
Steel Wire Density
12-40 string
The Electro-galvanized Temperature
Power Parameter
380V, 5Hz
2. General technological process
Anneal steel wire→pay-off machine→degrease alignment→acid cleaning→water rinsing→electroplating→water rinsing→hot water rinsing→drying→hauling machine→take-up machine